I Spy Something Striped!

Picture Courtesy of Marie Burgos Design
{photo via Century Furniture}

Stripes are a timeless trend that can jazz up any space. Such simple lines can bring fabulous character to your home. Bright, big, busy, and bold; stripes are a horse of a different color. Marie Burgos Design Blog displays this picture of a black and white striped wall. In the words of Marie Burgos, “If you’re going to stripe it up, you might as well do it to the extreme.” I love to see striped furniture, however walls, area rugs, and accessories are also screaming for some streamlined character.

Walls are a staple in room d├ęcor and striped walls are a great way to revitalize your room. Thick stripes in contracting colors may create a bold statement and can be easily complemented with solid furniture and fun accessories.

{via Lexington Home Brands}
{via Lexington Home Brands}

A striped area rug is a great way to bring liveliness to a simple space. Clean lines can create elegance in a room. Check out Decor Pad for more stripes ideas!

Striped accessories can add some pizazz to a neutral setting. The combination of thick and thin lines may bring more life to a simple pattern.

Picture Courtesy of Vanguard Furniture
{picture courtesy of Vanguard Furniture}

This Chair from Vanguard was the inspiration for my thoughts about stripes. It’s bold, contrasting colors add so much character to it’s design. Does your dream home need some streamlined design?

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