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Allen and James Interiors located at Furnitureland South had the awesome opportunity to travel with Josh Piersall of Huntington House furniture to ITMA Showtime Market in December. Showtime is largest fabric market in America where leading furniture manufacturers are able to select texture and pallet trends that will infiltrate the home furnishing industry. Patti and I were not only able to tag along, we were also able to assist in the selections that will be seen in the upcoming April High Point Furniture Market. We had a blast!!

Josh says that Huntington House starts off the process noting EVERYTHING of interest—that means they select around 150,000 swatch combinations. From that, they call in 10-15,000 samples to work from…

Huntington House Fabric Work Room

…eventually they whittle the selection down even further to the best of the best for their line and clientele, adding 200 fabrics to the line each market.

pantone color of the year radiant orchid

The Pantone color for 2014 is ‘Radiant Orchid’, and while we saw bits and pieces of this color, it was predominantly used as pillow accents.

Below is another of the hottest colors from this past market , Malachite Green. Look how it pops with these Huntington House pillows and chairs!

From work room conception to market production:

huntington house living room - emerald

We visited some of the very best of the best—Circa, Valdese Weavers, Wesley Mancini Home, Textile Fabric Associates, Penelope Marlatex and many more.

Wesley Mancini Home fabric shown on these beautiful barstools:

Blue Chairs

We love everything to do with fabrics and being included in events like this keeps Allen and James ahead of the curve. We know what will be hot before it is even released!

Following the Showtime we spoke with Zack Taylor, President of Wesley Hall upholstery. I asked him what he thought about this year’s Showtime and he said it was his 43rd show and he found it inspiring. I also asked if he follows the Pantone color prediction when selecting his fabrics. Surprisingly he said that he does not follow TRENDS, but embraces IDEAS.

red and blue chairs

Zack says that with the improving economy he has noticed fashion and home furnishing businesses improving as well.  People are willing to step out and use more color to brighten their spaces because they are happier and Wesley Hall aims to please, offering  more color to inspire the consumer.

Blue and Green

Zack sees a return to more traditional fabrics, classic motifs, and historically rooted patterns. Clients are  no longer doing one look but an eclectic layering of cultural influence to exhibit what they love or where they have been in an attempt to tell their story through their furnishings.  Our world is evolving into a global community and these prints bring them to our home.

blue and green pillows

Modern Western-

This is a clean, simplified version of traditional western or Americana looks.  Western lodge interiors have always been warm and rustic with rich texture.  Today we update this look by adding in a chevron pattern inspired by a basket.  Simplifying motifs and colors keeps America’s favorite look fresh and new.

2  1  3


Kaleidoscope inspired styles are making waves throughout the fashion world and are headed to home interiors.  Dynamic visuals and symmetry infused imagery are very powerful and colorful= perfection combination for any room in your home.

4  5  6

Globe Trotter- 

Decorating with a World of Flair…  Combining elements from all over the world imbue a room with memorable presence and personality.   Modern travel and technology have made this eclectic look even easier to achieve with the great influx of fresh and energizing ideas from abroad.

7  8

Needless to say, we cannot wait to see all of these great colors, textures, and patterns show up at April’s High Point Furniture Market.  Allen and James gets to view the upcoming trends and colors while they are still just textiles.  Then we see them six months later on sofas, chairs, beds and everything else that can bring color and inspiration to the home.

How exciting and fun ….

Great fun texture with the Wesley Hall stool:

white console

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