It isn’t easy being green…or is it?

Green is no longer just a color, but also a lifestyle.  As we go through life trying to minimize our carbon footprint or “greening” our lifestyle we recycle plastic bottles, we use recyclable bags at the grocery store or we buy local products. We think to ourselves that we have done our part, but there is so much more that we can do.

Think of how many old sofas, bookshelves and mattresses fill our nations landfills.  As a society if we would make it a point to purchase quality items, there would be less of a need to throw them out.

Furnitureland South's EcoLink
Furnitureland South’s EcoLink

Come check out our Eco-Link at Furnitureland South! The Eco-Link holds many lines that feature eco-friendy products such as Century, Vanguard, Harden, and many more.

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