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With High Point Furniture Market coming to a close, we are excited to remember the trends of past seasons and welcome the fresh ideas featured this October. As manufacturers and designers from all over the world came together to reveal their most recent designs, we [Meg McMillan and Kaitlyn Carpenter] were reporting from the front lines! Just search #KAITandMEG to see all HPMKT had to offer!

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Our feathery friend, the peacock, showed its’ colors this Market! Blues, greens, purples and golds illuminated spaces around each corner.


Brass is back! Who doesn’t love a little “shimmer” and what better way to do it than with metallic accents! Both brass and chrome brought a little pizzazz to this seasons introductions.


Have you ever kept something in your closet so long that it came back into style? Well it’s time to break out your mid -century pieces from the basement and show them in a whole new light! Manufacturers like Stanley Furniture and Rowe, among others, put a spin on their classic styles with sleek finishes and modern fabrics.


Spring Market brought the introduction of upholstered casegoods, but this fall, they really stepped it up! With FAB fabrics and creative applications, the term “accent” piece is redefined!


Watch your back, style and detail have gone 360*! You can now make a statement from anywhere in your home, using chairs that POP from any angle.


For tips and tricks on applying these trends to your home, stay tuned for the next blog from #KAITandMEG!


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