Leather Education: From Necessity to Luxury

In the furniture industry, we talk a lot about our love for performance fabrics. Today, we’re rolling back the clock to talk about the original performance material — leather. Before leather was a luxury material, it was essential to mankind’s survival.

If you had leather hides, then you had shelter from the storm and a roof over your head. It served as quality protective clothing from the elements that was flexible enough for mobility. Our ability to hunt and gather was aided by rudimentary footwear made of leather hides that enabled us to be more agile. And as time went on, when we had to protect ourselves from enemies, the armor and headwear we were armed with were made of leather.

Think about it. When you visit a museum of natural history, you see leather everywhere you go. It’s a part of mankind’s long told story and a major catalyst of human progress.

During the Industrial Revolution, many belts that were used to run machines were not rubber or synthetic, they were leather because of its strength. Over time, its durability, breathability and softness became a luxury material. It’s comfortable, durable and long-lasting. It doesn’t wear out, it wears in and becomes increasingly more beautiful with age.

And today, in the age of sustainability, leather is an amazing sustainable solution. Without the leather industry, hides would be considered a disposable and potentially toxic byproduct of beef production. It’s an amazing story to be able to make something useful and gorgeous from waste that would otherwise still be produced.

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Huntington House – Leather from Furnitureland South on Vimeo.

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