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“I entertain a lot, and I’m afraid leather will get scratched up by the trivets on my guests’ jeans,” you say. You think leather isn’t an option for you because you say, “I have dogs and a cat. I’m worried their claws will scratch or puncture the leather.” The Design Consultants at Furnitureland South are here to help you get the leather you want while avoiding any perceived setbacks.

Leather, a sturdy and durable material, goes through an extensive process before it’s stretched onto furniture to fill your home. And its makers have very specific intentions for the many different types of leathers. For example, pure aniline leather was never made to withstand the everyday wear and tear that comes with pet ownership. It was, however, made to bring style and comfort to a rustic restoration vintage style loft or home.

Check out our leather guide to find out which leather fits your lifestyle:

Pure Aniline leather is the most natural leather, made of the best luxurious to the touch hides. It’s aniline dyed, but there’s no protective coating to deter scratches and natural markings are visible. As a natural leather, it is sensitive to liquids; however, it can be spot cleaned with a damp white cloth.

Aniline Plus leather has a natural aesthetic and is made with the best luxurious to the touch hides. It’s aniline dyed and coated with clear natural waxes and oils to offer a basic layer of protection. As a natural leather, it can scratch and is sensitive to liquids; however, it can be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution and conditioned.

Semi-Aniline leather appears somewhat natural and is aniline dyed. Natural markings may be visible, but overall, this type of leather has a more uniform color. A more natural protective or translucent coat protects the leather so that it should not scratch. It can be easily cleaned with a mild soap and water solution.

Pigmented leather is the least natural of the five types of leather, but it’s the easiest to clean and the least receptive to scratches because of its protective coating. It is aniline dyed and has a uniform color. It can be cleaned with a mild cleaner.

Nubuck/Suede leather is a natural, aniline dyed leather that reveals tracking (touch) patterns, while some markings are visible. Clean hides are typically used for this type of leather with no protective coating. Liquids should be avoided when cleaning; however, vacuums or brushes may be used.

Visit our brand-new leather gallery or chat with one of our expert Design Consultants to find the perfect leather for your home today!

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