The Great Debate: Leather vs. Fabric

As you may have figured out, Furnitureland South is all about customizing furniture to your exact specifications. We work with the best brands to give you the best prices on custom furniture. One of these brands is Wesley Hall, a North Carolina based manufacturer dedicated to your special requests.

When you shop Wesley Hall furniture at Furnitureland South, you’ll have access to many custom furniture options and a personal Design Consultant, who can help sort out the details of what custom furniture means practically.

“Luxury textiles and leathers are in our blood,” Jerry Anderson, a Wesley Hall representative said. “Bring on your special requests including custom details, custom lengths, special deliveries, you name it. We can do it. ‘Yes’ is our favorite word.”

Whether you’re looking for leather upholstery or fabric upholstery, Wesley Hall allows you to choose a style of chair and then its upholstery type, along with many other customizable options including nail heads and finishes.

The discussion process choosing between leather and fabric upholstery is really two-fold. First, what style are you looking for? Second, how do you want your chair or sofa to feel? Both are factors that you would understandably need to consider.

Let’s look at Wesley Hall’s Scout chair to compare the same chair in leather and fabric, as well as a couple other custom upholstery options.

The fabric upholstered chair is funky and fun because someone selected a rustic, almost tie-dyed pattern for a custom chair to accent their living room. The nail heads along the already unconventional back add a current style to a classic frame. And, while it may be the last thing you notice about an upholstered chair with such an eye-catching custom fabric, the finish on the base and legs pulls the style together. Can you imagine if this finish was painted white or had a beachy feel with a light wood finish? No, this is a custom chair for Los Angeles living with a theatrical flair. (Love this fabric? Ask your Design Consultant for Wesley Hall’s “Ranier Smoke” fabric.)

The leather upholstered chair is all about sophistication and a sleek style. Its classic leather tufted custom upholstery offsets its slightly more abstract frame. This custom leather option adds warmth to its creamy transitional living room, great for the style aesthetic of a sprawling suburban home or a classy and coastal getaway. (Love this leather? Ask your Design Consultant for Wesley Hall’s “Giles Fawn” leather.)

“Wesley Hall brings you the most stunning, colorful and durable offering in our industry,” Anderson said. “Like our comfort, our pattern matching and tailoring finesse speak for themselves! We hand-cut and apply all fabrics and trims, ensuring pristine detailing.”

Which custom upholstery options would you choose? Leather or Fabric? Tweet your favorite styles to @FurniturelandS. We’d love to hear from you!

Find your style with Wesley Hall custom upholstery at Furnitureland South today! Begin here.

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