Let there be light!

Modern spaces lend themselves to fresh, bright, and most of all natural light. Our new modern gallery here at Furnitureland South is no exception! With so much natural light flowing into the space, fixtures become more of a statement and in some cases pieces of art.


Clean lines are the most discernible characteristic of contemporary decor. Some prefer to reflect that feature in their lighting.


Lighting in a modern space can also act as a conversation piece. Because the furnishings are so often very simple and clean, we have an opportunity to add some spice with a sculptural element like that featured in the below photo!


A trend that we are seeing so much of at this High Point Market is furnishings with an industrial flair. We love the concept of mixing clean, sleek furniture with a bit of rustic charm. It allows us to effortlessly mix materials like metal and wood into a design.


Bunching several pendants together is the most “fab” lighting trend out there. It allows us to bring more light into a space without using an over-powering piece that will outweigh the scale of the furniture below it.


So Let There be Light! Take chances with lighting and allow it to act as functional art in your home.

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