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A house is a structure or building that serves as living quarters for one or more families and is often constructed using beams, insulation, joints, nails, etc. A home, on the other hand, is something entirely different.

Too often people lose sight of what makes their house a home. They ignore the personal to make room for the practical. They cloud creativity with cluttered spaces, and they forego fashion to optimize organization. This mindset leaves homeowners with unsatisfying aesthetics and an unpleasant living space. Luckily, there are furniture manufacturers who have combined functionality and fashion to accommodate a range of lifestyles for today’s on-the-go consumer, and no one does this better than Lexington Home Brands.

Whether you rent your home, live in an apartment, are looking to start a family, or even hope to expand upon your existing home, you want to make sure that you select furniture that tells your story, works with your lifestyle and showcases your personality! Lexington believes in and recognizes these desires, which is why every one of their 10 collections consists of designs that create custom environments.

You can be anything – modern or traditional, classic or contemporary, even eclectic or industrial – Lexington has you covered! There are a whole host of room categories to choose from: Bedroom, Dining and Kitchen, Home Office, Outdoor and Patio, Living Room, Home Entertainment, Accent Furniture, and Home Decor.


You may live in a city loft or a country farmhouse – it doesn’t matter, Lexington is your go-to for style and function. You can browse sleek silhouettes or ornately carved headboards and frames. You can choose dark stains or rich neutrals. Nothing by this manufacturer is standard and nothing is ordinary.

Dining and Kitchen

If you love to entertain a large party or simply enjoy a casual evening with your family, you can create the ideal dining atmosphere with Lexington. Dining sets like the St. Tropez Dining Set are clean and elegant, which is quite different from the shabby chic, cottage look of the Byerly Dining Chairs and table. This difference shows that with Lexington you really can tailor your furniture taste to your lifestyle needs!

Living Room

The living room is one of the centers in your home. It’s where you gather to watch movies, play games, or just catch up on the events of the day. It needs to be comfortable, functional and above all else, representative of your lifestyle! A loveseat for two or a sofa for 10? Shabby chic, industrial details or Contemporary fusion? Choose from a variety of styles and silhouettes when you shop Lexington.

Accent Furniture

Accent furniture ties a space together, bringing function, interest, and cohesion to a design scheme. Lexington pieces, like the Tropic Lamp Table or the Moda Chairside Chest make it easy to shine a fashionable light on a space that might be a bit more utilitarian. For example, the Cupertino Triangular Nesting Tables add dimension and surface space – perfect for movie snacks or controllers, while the Sculptura Accent Table gives a punch of high-fashion, playing off of a more subtle, modern space.

Consider this your home furnishing intervention! It’s time to put away the dull, dreary and utterly ordinary pieces you may have in your home – or that you think you should have in your home – and go for something that’s eye-catching, yet cohesive; something that’s fashionable, yet functional; and something that’s indicative of your personality.

Your house should be a home, and with products from any of the Lexington Home Brands collections, you will be able to find the style for your life.

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