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Picture this. You start your work day with coffee. All day, you’re sipping the sacred fruit of caffeine; all the while, writing reports, attending meetings and crossing tasks off your to-do list. The clock strikes 5 p.m. and, before your boss knows it, you’re out the door. You listen to your favorite hits on the radio while in traffic on the way home. Once you get home you make dinner and figure out what the next day’s errands are, you slip into your comfiest pajamas. You walk from the bathroom into your bedroom and there are no sheets, no bedding at all on what’s supposed to be the one place in the world where you can relax!

Okay, this is a little dramatic. Let’s tone it down a notch. What if there on your bed were stained or pilling sheets still sporting the quilt you didn’t like when it was given to you 10 years ago? What would you do? You deserve better. You deserve an oasis.

In the Bed Boutique at Furnitureland South, you can find custom bedding options including everything from throw pillows to fine Italian linens. We’ve compiled a list of items to help you dream of your perfect escape.

Checklist for the perfect bed:

__  Fitted sheet

__ Flat sheet

__ Sleeping pillowcases

__ Duvet cover

__ Duvet

__ Comforter

__ Bed skirt

__ Bed panels

__ Box spring cover

__ Euro pillow shams

__ Shams

__ Bolster pillows

__ Mattress Pad Protector

__ Pillow Protectors

__ Sleep pillows

__ Coverlet

__ Throw blanket

__ Bed scarf

Never leave your bed undressed. Visit Furnitureland South’s Bed Boutique to indulge in wonderful luxuries designed just for you.

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