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I spent last Tuesday morning sipping a Peppermint Mocha at the local Barnes and Noble browsing design magazines. Perfect day off in my opinion – the sun was shining and I had an opportunity to salivate over interiors I cannot afford.

While flipping through the pages I found I was most attracted to interiors with boisterous chairs. The combination of a neutral or basic solid fabric for the sofa body with stylish prints, stripes, and silks for the pillows works beautifully. Add a pair of coordinating accent chairs and you have that “put-together” look. I may not be daring enough to upholster an entire sofa in a loud print (for fear I may hate it in a year or two), but I am all about upholstering accent chairs with something wild.

Courtesy of C.R. Laine

This grouping, by C.R. Laine, is based around a neutral gray sectional with punches of yellow (who knew yellow and gray look so fantastic together?)  The space is fairly basic until you throw an accent chair in the mix.

Courtesy of C.R. Laine

I love this chair, and I’m not going to lie, I’m not a big fan of yellow (most likely because I look awful in it).  The strong geometric pattern on the back paired with the natural print…wow.  See Jaime’s blog for more spring-time fabrics.

Courtesy of Huntington House

A solid fabric on this Huntingon House sofa teamed up with a colorful print to create a vibrant space.  Try to imagine the room without these dynamic chairs.  It’d lose some of its allure.

Courtesy of C.R. Laine

This C.R. Laine collection started with a chocolate base and added touches of honeysuckle and yellow.
Courtesy of C.R. Laine

While the fabric for this chair certainly adds color to the space, the height also creates a visual appeal.

Lucky for those of us on a limited budget you can get these designer looks at a fraction of the cost from some of our local vendors, like C.R. Laine and Huntington House.  Contact me for more information.  I’d love to help make your design dreams a reality.

Kate L. Zylstra
Design Consultant

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  1. Great blog-did you notice that first yellow print is the same print as the branches/birds print in my blog? It is great in either color!

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