High Point Market Trend Revelations

High Point Market is interior designers’ connection to all of the latest trends. But the High Point Market Authority understands when designers visit the world’s largest furniture market, there won’t be time to see all of the fabulous designs and freshest styles. That’s where the High Point Market Style Spotters and Design Bloggers come in.

This team forecasts what’s to come in home fashions and reports what they see at the many furniture showrooms they receive access to preview.

According to the High Point Market Authority, “Our 2018 team forecasts the hot home fashions of Spring Market. What do our Style Spotters see when they gaze into their crystal balls? … One thing is certain – the shape of the future will take form at Spring High Point Market, April 14-18.”

Nine Muses Media’s owner, editor and creative director Julie Smith Vincenti has produced the TrendWatch segment with the International Market Centers marketing team since 2015 and is highly knowledgeable and well-spoken on the topic of trend reporting and design influences. Her insights into furniture fashions guide designers and bloggers in the industry.

To give you a sneak peek into a few of the latest spring trends, check out Julie’s top 3 market trends.

Top 3 Market Trends:

  1. Modern Family

    FOUR HANDS Grammercy Sofa
    Grammercy Sofa by Four Hands

TrendWatch Remarks: “With homeownership, marriage and children on the minds of Millennials, especially those born in the mid-1980s, TrendWatch steps in with a family-friendly display that underscores life stage milestones. Compared to our recent Millennials-focused vignettes — City Center, On the Go and Fearless & Flirty — this season’s Modern Family features price points that aim higher. Notice, too, furnishings that deliver on meaningful purchase motivators, namely sustainability, wellness and modernity.”

Associated buzzwords: wellness & sustainability, height-adjustable, digital symbols & code, authenticity & stories, hand-made, balancing neutrals & color

“These are starting spaces, these aren’t finished spaces,” Julie said concerning the target audience for this trend and later elaborated on the wellness aspect of these designs. “Don’t we all want to live with smarter furnishings that are beneficial to our health?”

  1. Beyondaries Revisited

    MODWAY FURNITURE Spectrum Metal Chandelier
    Modway Furniture
    Spectrum Chandelier

TrendWatch Remarks: “TrendWatch readies the jetpacks once again for a product presentation fueled by interstellar exploration. We touched down on the ‘space’ theme first in the fall of 2015 — that farsighted journey mixed linear and rounded forms; a range of metallic and mirrored finishes; Brutalist design elements; and Pop Art and Op Art references. What makes this year’s redux rewarding and refreshing? Vibrant, ultra-cool colors and ethereal, abstract patterns.”

Associated buzzwords: purples, exaggerated construction, organic & abstract patterns

Julie said that if you inquired about her relationship with this ultra-violet correlated trend, she would compare it to a Facebook relationship status and say, “it’s complicated.” Abstract versions of the trend that utilize organic patterns, vibrant colors and out-of-this-world designs seem to be the classiest form of this trend. Great examples of these ideas can be found in many lighting options around the Furnitureland South showrooms even today!

  1. She Suite

    Worlds Away Gold Leaf Etagere

TrendWatch Remarks: “Empowerment and optimism for female-friendly workplaces inspires She Suite, an aptly titled showcase of office and lounge furniture. Here, the personal style of confident, emboldened executives is realized in workspaces that look as smart as the technology that powers both their professional and personal lives.”

Associated buzzwords: personal expression, warm metals, giftables, yellow-cast greens, painterly palettes

This trend piggybacks the all the best qualities of the #MeToo movement. It’s a play on the term C Suite, which typically houses the CEO in a lofty corner office. It showcases the workspace of a confident working woman, who gravitates to tried and true colors and embraces feminine touches even in the office. This trend offers full transparency while breaking metaphorical glass ceilings.

Feature photo courtesy of the High Point Market Authority.

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