High-tech Slumber:

Modern Mattress Technologies

In a world that revolves around technology, the average person’s mattress is quite a few updates behind. No longer are we stuck with dingy rose patterned, tufted spring mattresses that leave our backs, shoulders or hips sore in the morning.

Here are a few ways the mattress industry has proved not all technology is harmful to the quality of your sleep.

Sleep Tracker Apps

Sealy, Conform, Premium Chill

As we’re constantly reminded that blue light from our screens is detrimental to our slumber, it may come as a shock that we’re promoting cell phone technologies — because, yes, they have an app for that.

Increasingly, we’re tracking our every move. We have apps to track our workouts, weight loss, daily to-do lists and much more. The reality is that our apps probably know more about us than those living in our own homes! This information can be especially helpful when it comes to tracking our sleep patterns.

These information hubs are now a common way to analyze our depth of sleep and ultimately our comfort levels that affect our physical health and are available to customers once they purchase a mattress from brands such as Beautyrest or Tempurpedic, which are available at Sleepland at Furnitureland South.

Lifestyle Bases

Maybe more commonly referred to as adjustable bases, motion technology is designed to offer multiple options for comfort and stress relief to fatigued pressure points on the body. However, more and more the ideal users for lifestyle bases are a younger demographic than what companies originally thought they’d be marketing to.

Millennials and the generations groups since are seeking motion technology to make their leisure time more compatible with their technology use. Instead of purchasing these bases for health concerns such as sleep apnea, acid reflux or asthmas, they’re purchasing it to sit in bed and read, browse the web or check the news on Twitter. No longer is the sole purpose of this technology to improve one’s health. Now, we can add the improvement of one’s quality of life to the list.

Temperature Management

What is worse than waking up in a sweat? Today, you can avoid this uncomfortable experience with many brands offering temperature management technology constructed into mattresses and mattress protectors both. In combination with your linen and bedding choices, your base will be actively working to keep you comfortable all night by wicking moisture away from your body.

Be aware that many manufacturers make temperature management mattresses, and while there are varying levels of performance temperature regulators, the right mattress still comes down to preferential priorities. We believe the secret to finding the perfect temperature management mattress is to find one with many of the other qualities you desire most, including variables like mattress height, cushion type or even price.

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