Meet my best girl, Marge

What do you think of when you hear the name “Marge?”  Being a guy, I would think of Marge Simpson.  But have you ever heard of Marge Carson?  She’s my new favorite Marge – and she’s large and in charge!!!

Marge Carson is a California-based company that, in my opinion, has revolutionized the way we look at upholstery design.   Focused on large-scale, elegant curves and luxurious fabrics and finishes, Marge Carson is the perfect fit for the most beautiful homes around the world.

Angelique Sectional

The Angelique Sectional demonstrates some of the fundamentals that set Marge Carson apart from other upholstery manufacturers: tons of luxurious pillows to sink into, fabulous silks and trims galore!

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Angelique Sectional Close-up

Many of Marge Carson’s fabrics have a metallic quality with a sheen that immediately catches the eye with its “bling factor”. The bullion trim in place of a skirt really makes this piece pop!

Lana Chair and a Half with Ottoman

Check out the next two photos.  I really love the attention to detail with the gold accents of the finish, accentuating the hand carvings on the frames.

Chantelle Back wood detail

Desk top

So the next time someone asks you if you know Marge, don’t think of a blue beehive.  Instead, think of sophistication and the most elegant furniture in the world!

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  1. I want to add one more comment and to say:
    Marge Carson has Phenomenal designs; smart and classy marriages of custom fabrics, finishes and trims; relentless attention to even the smallest of details; designing furniture to meet flexible lifestyles with an unabashed commitment to quality, style and romance.
    Marge Carson furniture is deliberately conceived and crafted for the discerning customer, one who appreciates a harmonious fusion of color, texture, and design that not only appeals to the senses but provides the elegance and grace befitting luxurious homes.
    Marge Carson is elegant with generously proportioned silhouettes upholstered with the finest, most luxurious textiles and showcasing intricate, sculpted, architecturally-based designs that are as exquisite as they are functionally distinguished.
    As far as I know they employ skilled artisans from around the world to hand craft these fine furnishings with devoted attention to every sculpted detail.
    Thank you Rop

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