Mixed Metals

Mixed MetalsLandingWhen you cook, you don’t use only one kind of spice. When you choose your jewelry, you don’t have to limit yourself to only silver or purely gold. Get fancy with the spices! Mixing metals can be an easy and inexpensive way to reimagine any room of your home. Play with textures, tones, and finishes to find your perfect combination. At Furnitureland South you can choose from dozens of accessory manufacturers that are sure to have exactly what you’re looking for!

Choose your Main Metal

You don’t have to follow a recipe when mixing metals but you also don’t want to confuse people by overdoing it. The staple of banana bread is the banana flavor, the staple of brownies is chocolate, and your space should have a staple too. Choose your dominant metal and add accents of one or two other metals to create interest and depth. Keep it subtle and don’t let the colors compete with each other.


Uttermost-Big-Room-Scene2 Hooker - nesting tables

Find your style

Are you rustic, modern, or even glamorous? Any of these styles will work beautifully when mixing metals, but it will help you decide what pieces to buy if you determine your look first. Modern and glamorous styles will come from smooth, sleek textures. While adding rough, live-edge pieces will produce a rustic feel.

Phillips - root Quoizel - light

Create a story

Mixing metals can give a space a new and interesting life. What story do you want your room to tell? Are you a world traveler who loves antiquing? Do you feel at home in up-scale jewelry stores? Maybe you’ve had a mid-century modern sofa passed down to you and you want to create a new-old atmosphere.

FFDM - side tableGold vase2

You can achieve this change with little effort by mixing light fixtures, kitchen essentials, and accessories such as wall art and vases. If you’re creating a room from scratch you have a few more options with metal furniture bases, nail head trim, or accent tables and chairs. Happy mixing!




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