Mixing Prints + Patterns

You see it all the time – people who have mixed prints and patterns, either with their clothing or in their home. You’ve seen some do it well and others just look like a mess.

So the big question is, how do you do it successfully without it becoming “too much”?  Here are a few tips for pulling the perfect room (or outfit) together, by mixing prints and patterns:

One of the most important things to consider when mixing prints and patterns – is color.  Choose fabrics of different styles with all the same color combinations, like these three from Lexington.

Green and Blue Fabrics in Floral, Stripes, and Tweed

Here’s another example on a chair from Highland House.  The bold stripe with a flowery print works great together because they both have the same colors.  What also makes this work is the use of two separate patterns:  a stripe and flowers.

Fabric Combo 2 - Floral and stripes

One of my favorite examples of mixed patterns is from Century Furniture; this collection is currently featured on our Showroom floor.  I love the bright colors and bold geometric patterns.  But what ties them all together is the multi-colored print on the sofa.  And if you’re afraid of going overboard, throw in a solid (like the red chair on the right) or a lot of neutral, like the body fabric of the sofa.

fabric combo 3 - century Red and Green

You can also do different fabrics of the same pattern, like a stripe on stripe, but you have to do it carefully.  Again, color is a huge part of it, but also the size and width of the stripes.  Choose fabrics that don’t compete with one another, like a big bold stripe with a smaller spaced stripe.

Fabric Combo 4 - Stripes

These are just a few tips to help in mixing patterns and if you still don’t feel confident, our Furnitureland South Design Consultants would be happy to help!

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