More Than Just the Furniture!

So your new beautiful bedroom furniture just arrived, but the room still doesn’t feel complete…now what?     It’s important to add those final touches to truly make the room feel like your personal little sanctuary!  Enter accessories….

Now, I know what you’re thinking… “Accessories are too confusing!” ..or… “I don’t even know where to start!”  Don’t worry, this is a common symptom of accessor-phobia.  For many, the thought of accessorizing tends to lead to fear, anxiety and confusion!  There’s no need to fret…accessor-phobia is easily cured with a few simple tips and strategies.  With the right game plan, adding the perfect accessories can really turn your bedroom from sleepy to sensational!

You can start accessorizing your bedroom by creating a focal point.  The best place for a focal point in a bedroom is just above the headboard.  This helps to balance the space vertically and also to set the overall tone of the room.

Century Furniture Bedroom
Image courtesy of Century Furniture

A chunky mirror is not only a great focal point, but it can also reflect a lot of light and depth into a space and carry the color scheme higher into the vertical space.

Image courtesy of Hooker Furniture
Image courtesy of Hooker Furniture
Over the past year, we have seen designs moving more towards the natural and sustainable.  This piece of driftwood makes a unique and eye catching conversation starter for this bedroom.
Now let’s move to the bedside tables.  Lamps for each side of the bed are not only a practical accessory, but they also help frame the bed and add a sensual glow to the space.
Image Courtesy of Century Furniture
Image courtesy of Century Furniture

The last vital accessory a bedroom should have is a beautiful decorative area rug to ground the space and pull all of the colors and designs together.  The rug should compliment any artwork in the room and coordinate with your linens.

Hooker Envision Queen Panel Bed
Image courtesy of Hooker Furniture

See?  Accessorizing your bedroom is simple!   Artwork, fun lamps, and a great rug, all topped off with a vase of fresh stems on the nightstand and you’re on your way to relaxation!

When done correctly, accessories are a great way to pull your bedroom together and make it a beautiful, relaxing space!

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