My Father and His Recliner

Karen's Parents
The one thing that sticks in my mind is the relationship my parents always had.

I see many couples come into Furnitureland South and there is an ongoing dispute over whether the husband or boyfriend gets his say to have a recliner in the room we are furnishing. Growing up there was always a recliner in the living room or family room for my father to sit in and watch TV and usually on Friday nights, as a young child, I would sit on his lap while he watched the Friday night fights.   He would have a bowl of some snack, usually peanuts or popcorn that he made the old-fashioned way with oil in a pan and a lid. I would fall asleep way before the end of the program and he would be leaning back in his recliner holding me until my mother woke us to go to bed.

My father has been gone now for 12 years, but he lived with my mother on their own into his early 90’s.  He always had a recliner and even during those last years of his life when his mind was as bright as ever but his body was failing, he enjoyed sitting in his recliner to read the newspaper, do the crossword puzzle that day or just bear with my mother’s soap operas on TV!

His recliner was usually some blue or green tweed, but it was his chair and I can still see him sitting in it. I miss my father and know that his chair is the one thing he loved of all the furniture they ever bought.  You can always fit a recliner into the room……

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