My Worst Client EVER!

I like to think I can work well with almost anyone (at least that’s what I’ve been told) but let me tell you about the biggest challenge I’ve had in years…ME. Yes, I was a real handful. What would have been an easy afternoon project for a client like you, turned into a BIG DEAL when it was for me!

It all happened not long ago—I had just had shoulder surgery and needed to replace a much-loved Highland House club chair and ottoman with a (gasp!) recliner. Sleeping flat was temporarily out of the question, so a reclining chair was the only option. I didn’t want to re-do my entire room so I decided the easiest and most cost-effective way to do this was buy a new chair, and replace the existing sofa throw pillows.

A Before Image of Chris's Living Room

Chris’s Living Room, before the makeover.

Usually, when working with a client I can do this with my hands tied behind my back and not even think, but I took WEEKS to decide. I morphed into the world’s most indecisive buyer, and totally lost my designer brain! (Fortunately for you, it came right back.) However frustrating the ordeal, it also became an eye-opening lesson for me: to be in my clients’ shoes as I made important design decisions helped me to see things from their perspective, something designers sometimes lose sight of.

Chris's Sofa wit the original pillows

Chris’s Sofa with the original pillows

I loved my existing butter yellow Highland House sofa and the soft tones of cream/yellow/green and tan in my room, but decided to really change up the colors to something new and warmer: red/yellow/gold and tan. After literally sitting in every reclining chair on our 1.3 million square foot campus, and going through every fabric we had, I finally chose a really pretty Vanguard recliner and settled on three gorgeous fabrics.

The same sofa gets a new look just by changing out the throw pillows

The same sofa gets a new look just by changing out the throw pillows

My wonderful Highland House chair and ottoman (my “nest”) moved upstairs to make room for the new Vanguard recliner. The colors weren’t yet tied together, so 5 gorgeous new Harden throw pillows in a multicolor silk plaid fabric and a fabulous French toile fabric were just the ticket!

In addition to the other considerations, my living room is narrow with a vaulted ceiling open to the second floor, so creative furniture placement is critical from all angles. Honestly, the new Vanguard chair fits the space even better than the previous chair did!

The new Vangaurd chair fits the space even better than the original!

The new Vangaurd chair fits the space even better than the original!

The very successful bottom line is: one new Vanguard chair plus five new Harden throw pillows equals a completely new look and warmer feel for my room, and I’m a happy camper. It was a HUGE design change done on a very reasonable budget and very little effort (once I FINALLY made my decisions) and I love the result. Let’s see what I can do for you now! I highly doubt you can be more challenging than me.

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