Coastal Condo in Myrtle Beach

CO-AUTHORChristina Garrison

In June of 2013 our client, Nancy, arrived at Furnitureland South and needed to quickly furnish her 4-bedroom luxury high-rise penthouse, located in beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


Nancy needed to have everything ready to ship the week of July 4th, so that she could open for rentals. Knowing time was critical, we searched for items that were available for immediate delivery from our 300,000-plus square foot Outlet.  As we shopped, we kept track of items of interest by taking photos all over our expansive campus.

By the end of the first day, we started to have a vision for each room. Nancy had several personal antiques that she wanted to use, so we were mindful of these during our selection process. One such piece was a unique seashell bust that we used for inspiration.

Seashell Bust-Beach Condo

We began day two with rested minds and eyes, and the project really started to take shape.  Christina and I have been co-workers and friends for 25 years and it is magical when we work together — just magical!  To help our client visualize her furnished getaway, we became movers:

“Carry this cocktail table over to that Huntington House sofa…”

Huntington House Sofa

“I found the perfect dining chairs to go with this table!”

Sharon Table 2 chairs Outlet

Other amazing Outlet finds included this Heritage Cane Bench by GuildMaster:

Guildmaster Heritage BenchAnd this versatile Port Royal Side Chair by Stanley Furniture:

Stanley Port Royal Side Chair

On and on it went, until we were finally finished. Nancy left tired but very pleased, not only with the selections but also because we were able to stay within her budget.

Christina joined forces with Chris, Julie, and Willie in our delivery department to have items pulled from the display and routed to our huge distribution center.  Between these guys and our White Glove Delivery team, we made the deadline.

And speaking of delivery-when the Furnitureland South drivers arrived, a falcon perched atop the condo’s balcony railing and stayed there for the entire installation process. Nancy felt as though she had the bird’s approval and blessing for her new space. This inspired her to commission a painting of the falcon which she now proudly displays in her newly renovated haven.

It is easy to see why Nancy loves her view! We paired this game table with these versatile upholstered chairs to create the perfect spot to take in the beautiful surroundings.

Sharon balcony view

Nancy’s updated dining room combines style with coastal charm–perfect for a luxury beach condo. The treasured falcon painting hangs prominently above the breakfast bar.

Sharon dining room

Christina Garrison | Design Consultant at Furnitureland South
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