New Traditional: Where Time Periods Collide

Everyone’s talking about new traditional furniture designs these days. While these words may sound like they oppose each other, new traditional styles are simply a fresh take on neoclassical designs. You could say it’s a trend, but it’s more like an amendment to an evolving classic style.

New Traditional, Compendium Collection, Vanguard FurnitureVanguard Furniture defines its take on new traditional stylings as the collision point where the past and the future blend to form the present. And, as far as we’re concerned, they have struck the perfect new traditional chord with one of their collections.

Compendium is Vanguard’s oldest active collection and each season the talented designer team breathes new life into it. It’s called Compendium because it is a systematic compilation that integrates the best neoclassical designs with contemporary scale and materials.

What’s old is new again with their sophisticated new traditional introductions. Classic forms are reinvented and reimagined with a fresh mix of finishes that are timeless, not trendy. Inspired by art, architecture, wallpaper and pattern, it encompasses a mix of styles stretching across centuries. Perfect for the purveyor of fine things, new traditional inspires a refreshed confidence in everything classic.

Variations of 18th Century designs have remained popular for 400 years because they are timeless forms that are still relevant and provide a continuity that bypasses the latest crazes and whims of evolving preferences. Confident and sophisticated opinion leaders have always had varied tastes. This is reflected in the way we dress, live and eat. Why not in our furnishings?

New Traditional, Compendium Collection, Vanguard Furniture“We call it curated eclecticism,” Vanguard President Andy Bray said, “We study pieces within our line and from history to see what is working and what is not. A good form can have a very long life that can be expressed in a variety of finishes, fabrics and hardware, which can be tailored to an individual’s tastes. Good design works with good design no matter what time period it is from.”

Indeed, the new offering represents tradition with a twist. Timeless forms anchor contemporary finishes, textures, shapes and scale to make them new.  Exotic materials like bees’ wings veneers (so called because of a light shimmer) combine with new finishes to create something both fresh and traditional. Linear forms and tapered legs combine with chevron parquet to create a statement that is both modern and reminiscent of time-honored neoclassic design.

The Compendium Collection continues to evolve for Vanguard Furniture. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect to find featured at Furnitureland South in the coming months: New Traditional, Compendium Collection, Vanguard Furniture

About Vanguard Furniture

Vanguard Furniture is a manufacturer of case goods and upholstery. It is a family held company, employing 600 associates and operates out of six manufacturing buildings in Hickory, North Carolina. Its mission is to lead home furnishings in style, value and service with a vision to enrich lives through custom-crafted furniture. Vanguard is a founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council and its green initiatives include recycling 95% of all post-manufacturing waste; recycling paper, fabric scraps, metal, wood scrap, plastic and corrugated products.

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