Not Sleeping? In Pain? Read this.

The number one reason most people aren’t getting the sleep they need is PAIN. A painful body can keep you awake at night, prevent you from resting comfortably, and even cause drowsiness during the day.

But there is one very simple solution to relieve this pain, and to help you sleep well. By changing just your mattress, you’ll notice results almost immediately.

Sleep is one of the most basic and foundational parts of our health, and all of the efforts we put forth for beauty, anti-aging, weight loss and immune boosting are only marginally effective without proper sleep. Based on my forty-five years of experience, I can easily say that choosing a mattress that is right for you and your partner is one of the easiest ways to ensure better all-around health.

The mattress isn’t the ONLY key, however. Making sure your comfortable sleep lasts long enough is also important. Ideally, we should go to bed between 9 and 11 at night, mainly because the hours of sleep before midnight are doubly restorative compared to the hours after midnight.

If you experience a great deal of back pain, and you feel it’s preventing you from getting the sleep you need, or from functioning the way you should during the day, then you should consider a mattress specifically designed for relief.

I’d recommend the Spring Air Back Supporter Mattress, since it is designed just for that purpose. The spring system is carefully designed to adequately support and disperse body weight, while the foam layers are designed to relieve pressure in key areas that contribute to back pain, so you get the best sleep possible.

This the only mattress on the planet that has been clinically proven to relieve back pain! If you’ve tried special insoles, different chairs, every pain reliever on the market and you’re still experiencing back pain [or if you’re sweating it out on the treadmill, giving up all of your favorite foods, and tossing back energy drinks all day and still not feeling awake], the solution is obvious. Change the one thing that can make the greatest difference in the quality of your sleep. Support your back, and the rest will fall into place.

All the best,
Chipper Thornton
Spring Air

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