3 Keys to Promoting Workplace Potential

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The job market is fierce. According to the International Labor Organization, the global unemployment rate is lower than it has been in a decade, which is affecting our ability to attract and retain talented employees — the very employees who are catalysts for our companies.

According to 360 Magazine, three highly influential factors businesses should invest in to create an ideal employee experience are physical space, culture and technology.


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White-walled and windowless office spaces are a thing of the past. People aren’t job hunting any longer. They’re in the market for jobs just as they’re in the market for a new sofa. In other words, they’re able to shop for employers the same way they shop for consumer products. Many variables influence their decision-making process today, including their physical environments.

If employees are to remain on campus, offices should be more enjoyable and inspiring than working at a café table in a coffee shop. It’s a new office era, and it’s crucial to realize that everything from a choice of multiple workstations to color selection for office furniture affects employee creativity and motivation.

“Scientists studying how architecture and design can influence mood, thoughts, and health have discovered that everything — from the quality of a view to the height of a ceiling, from the wall color to the furniture — shapes how we think.” – 360 Magazine


OFS contract/office furnitureCompany culture is contagious. When individuals collaborate, brand values and strategies are shared. Work environments, if designed intentionally, can support people and projects to enhance teamwork and help solve tough business problems.

To attract and retain talent, company culture and employee experiences are key. Office furniture and space design reflect the culture of your company. Think of it as a company’s first impression when potential employees visit. Do your office furniture and space design communicate inspiration and excitement to new team members?

Company-wide passion is ranked as one of the top three work values workforce candidates look for. Now, more than ever, employers must keep an authentic spark alive to inspire and motivate employees to grow.

“Create places where people feel free to be themselves. Lighting, materiality, informal spaces and natural elements are powerful influences on behavior and communicate company brand and culture.” – 360 Magazine


Framery contract/office furnitureWith ever-evolving technologies, the workplace is constantly changing to make work environments more innovative, user-friendly and healthy. Technology is incorporated into every aspect of employees’ jobs. “Are staffers using technology?” isn’t the question. Instead, the question is, “How effective is the technology they’re using?”

Various technologies answer more questions than how to send emails or what’s the best software to create presentations. Today, it provides answers to wellness concerns and efficiency standards. Standing desks, ergonomic chairs and touch down spaces are just a few examples of how modern offices are using technological solutions to address workplace health concerns.

“Without easy-to-use, accessible technology, workers can’t do their jobs and often get frustrated and distracted. It’s important to provide both mobile devices and thoughtfully integrated large-scale technology in spaces to make it easy to share ideas and information — anywhere.” – 360 Magazine

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