Oops no more!

There is a new addition to my family.  Her name is Zoey, and she is a 9-week old sheltie {Shetland Sheepdog}.  She is absolutely adorable and rivals the cuteness of Abby, her “sister,” who was also petite as a pup and is now a 14.9 lb heap of sweetness.  While Abby is a people-pleaser, Zoey could care less … about everything (isn’t it interesting how unique personalities are?) and it shows by her lack of respect for my furniture (and unwillingness to control her bodily fluids).

{looking so innocent}
{Zoey looking so innocent…but wait till she wakes up!}
{cute as a botton...for now}
{Abby and Zoey…taking a break from their mischievous antics}

Luckily, Guardsman® exists!  If you’ve ever shopped at Furnitureland South you’ve likely heard the spiel about Guardsman from your Design Consultant.  While you may immediately think “extended warranty” and dismiss the idea, I’m here to encourage you to reconsider.  Guardsman may not be for everyone, but if you use your furniture, chances are it’s a good idea.

Guardsman is a protection plan that covers accidental damage, such as food, beverage, and undesirable stains on your upholstery; rips, cuts and burns on your leather; and chips, gouges, and heat marks on your wood furniture {things not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty}. This protection plan is also available on rugs and outdoor furniture. When you stain/rip/chip your furniture Guardsman will send a local professional out to correct that damage.  If the item is beyond repair Guardsman will replace the piece, for FREE!

Furniture is an investment and is meant to be used and enjoyed.  There is nothing worse than spilling red wine on your new sofa or denting your dining room table leg with the vacuum a week or two after delivery {or in my case, having my sweet little pup make her mark all over my furniture}.

Keep your new furniture protected and looking new for years to come with Guardsman.

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