Outdoor Furniture Trends at Woodard

As the Furnitureland South marketing team combed (almost) every nook and cranny at High Point Market, we were acutely aware that customers would be looking for outdoor furniture to stay cool during the summer. We were also extremely aware that the outdoor furniture they’re looking for doesn’t resemble patio furniture of the past.

To find the latest trends in outdoor furniture in combination with high-quality construction, we visited the Woodard furniture showroom. “For over 150 years, Woodard craftsmen have designed and manufactured products loyal to the timeless art of quality furniture design and construction. Using both the age-old art of hand forming and the latest in high-tech manufacturing processes, Woodard remains committed to creating products that will provide years of enjoyment,” according to the company’s website.

Woodard Creative Director Bill Herren explained that Woodard began, interestingly enough, as a company that made coffins. Coffin making turned to iron wielding and from one iron stool came a long line of quality outdoor furniture that now uses iron, aluminum and all-weather woven outdoor materials.

This furniture market Woodard introduced a lot of seat cushions that feature reticulated foam, which allows the water to seep through the cushion instead of sitting in the cushion causing mold over time. Herren said this allows customers to enjoy the “comfort of foam without the care of the foam.”

While we were there, we even heard a Woodard sales representative explain to a customer that putting a cover over the outdoor cushions would be a bad idea because it would restrict the cushion technology and hold moisture in! Woodard cushions are designed to do the exact opposite — remain clean and dry.

Another trend he sees becoming popular is outdoor dining. “I think that a lot of people have large islands in their kitchens and they’re sort of transitioning that look outside,” he said. Whatever the trend is at the time, Woodard is able to enhance your outdoor living space with a large selection of finishes and fabrics for any customer’s style.

Don’t take our word for it, listen to what Woodard’s Bill Herren said during the April 2018 High Point Market:

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