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Technically, spring begins March 20 and ends June 19. We’re always so ready to put away our heavy coats and thick socks, but we can’t expect every one of those days to be the sunny splendor that winter makes us crave. Luckily, Furnitureland South offers a solution to this unfortunate annual situation. Simply bring the outdoors in!

There are a few quick and easy ways to bring spring into your home but we’ll also give you tips on making bigger changes as well!

Go natural with textures and patterns

Be strategic about the materials you choose for your furniture and accessories. The use of natural fibers, textures and patterns can be great building blocks for your “outside-in” room. For casegoods think about using:

  • Wicker/Rattan
  • Hemp
  • Reclaimed or recycled wood
  • Live-edge pieces


Choose vibrant colors

Nature gives us the best inspiration for color combinations, especially during spring! Let that come through clearly in your room by using vibrant colors. Colors can be useful in trying to recreate the outdoors because we have strong associations with certain colors. For example:

  • Use fresh greens in rugs (grass)
  • Greens in accessories (plants). Of course bring real plants and flowers to the room as well!
  • Yellows in fabrics, mirrors, and lighting (sun and flowers)
  • Whites, tans, beiges, and other natural tones throughout the room to create a naturally clean feel

CYAND11148  Bed

Decorating with accessories

This is perhaps the easiest way to bring spring in. Pick a theme and go with it! You could choose shells, antlers, branches, or agates. Terrariums are very trendy right now! If you’re looking for something simpler, you could arrange a series of vases with different leaves. Here are some other options:

  • Collections of small plants, topiaries, or flowers
  • Artwork with butterflies, pinecones, trees, or maps
  • Make it personal with past travel photos, keepsakes, and found objects
  • Engage other senses with woodsy incense or floral potpourri


Happy decorating!

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