Performance Fabrics: Upholstery for Everyday Life

It was a long day. You stayed up a little too late and fell asleep on the living room sofa. The next thing you know an obnoxious infomercial wakes you. Your eyelids open and slowly come to focus on a white cloth scrubbing away at a wine stain on a white t-shirt. You chuckle under your breath because you won’t trust whatever product those actors are selling to actually work. Honestly, we can’t vouch for that product. However, we can provide an endless supply of performance fabrics, to deliver a stylish and practical solution that protects your furniture from even becoming stained. And if you ask us — we think that’s a better deal.

At Furnitureland South, our expert Design Consultants are prepared to design your home around your needs — including avoiding the everyday stains that come with being a parent, pet owner, coffee drinker or wine aficionado. They’re equipped with the knowledge to guide you toward brands that feature performance fabrics and customizable leather options that are easy to clean.

Huntington House, one of our best-selling brands, was confident enough to test the Crypton performance fabric they feature on their upholstered pieces. We wanted to make sure that their claim of easy to clean furniture that was stain resistant were true. And so that they couldn’t fool our eyes, we conducted the experiment inside the Huntington House gallery on our home turf.

Here’s what we found when Huntington House Sales Representative Sheridan Reed spilled water, coffee and soda on the Crypton fabric the company uses for its upholstery: (Oh, we should mention that he has one last surprise up his sleeve to brag about this performance fabric.)

Contrary to popular belief, leather is an extremely durable material and lasts four to five times the lifespan of standard upholstery fabrics. In fact, it was the original performance fabric. Whether you choose leather or a performance fabric upholstery, here’s to many memories made around your stain-free sofa — not on it.

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