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Strictly speaking, color is how our eyes translate light that reflects off objects. Maybe that definition feels cold to you. It does to us, too. We’d rather say that color is an expression of your personality or style. However, there is some psychology that we can apply to the use of color in design. Do you associate certain colors with objects, feelings or moods?

No matter what color you choose, we’re here to help strategically plan the best places and uses of your favorites to make your space look thoughtful and trendy.

More than Four Walls

No matter how big or small your room is, size plays a factor in color choice. For example, smaller spaces call for light neutral paint or wallpaper colors. While only a doorway apart another larger space can boast a darker more intense color palette. And don’t even get us started on patterns.

If you’re bound and determined to let your style shine with a powerful color choice in a smaller space, consider making the wall opposite of the entry an accent wall. It will draw eyes through the entire space keeping guests from feeling cramped. These design guidelines have proved over time to make small spaces seem more open and vast spaces feel cozier.

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Bold Statements

For a daring approach to color usage, consider bringing a bright, bold color into your space in the form of actual furniture! We must tell you this design decision works best if you’re frequently described as a confident, sassy person. It is not for the weak of heart, as its usage implies a powerful personality.

If you’re a #BOSS, please proceed.

Choosing a bed or any other piece of bedroom furniture that’s a bold color is an act of love. Whatever color you choose, you must love. No one else needs to enjoy the color of your dresser, bench or headboard as much as you do. This is your bedroom and your oasis so make it personal — because it is.

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Love it? Shop Vanguard Now, bedroom

Pops of Color

Now, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by these incredibly trendy and brave color choices, do not fret. This last suggestion is for all of us who are indecisive or unwilling to commit to a color is such a big way. Accessorize with color.

It’s easy. It’s simple. We hear it all the time; nonetheless, it’s incredibly true. Color trends come and go, and in fashion, you’re allowed to change your mind. Throws, accent pillows, paintings, vases and anything else in a color you love dearly in the spring, may not suit your style during the colder months. You may decide to decorate with seasonal décor or you may just realize that you’re willing to update your style often. Either way, it’s your room and your rules apply.

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Trend Alert 

Now that we’ve talked a lot about ways to use color, we thought we might as well introduce you to a color that’s currently trending.

For 2018, Pantone announced Ultra Violet (18-3838) as the color of the year. And as a universal guide to color, Pantone calls the shots on color definitions and trends. This gives designers, artists or consumers a “standard language,” as they say, to discuss abstract colors.

Pantone, a standardized language and color authority, said Ultra Violet was chosen based on its inventive and imaginative nature.

“This bright violet is probably not a color you’ll decide to use on a headboard or dresser, but think about using it throughout your space in accent pieces,”
Becky Greene, Furnitureland South Executive Director of Merchandising, said. “It will add a splash of color that’s on trend and incredibly confident.

No matter what color you choose, our expert Design Consultants are ready to assist you during the design process. Come explore endless possibilities for your color makeover at Furnitureland South today!

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