Poppi and Vik’s Extreme Home Makeover

The Clients New Home

Poppi and Vik came to me in October and asked for help with the new home they had just purchased in Charlotte, NC. They had recently moved from apartment life and had sold all of their “college” furniture. They wanted their new home, as Poppi said, to “look like something out of a magazine”.

Being enthusiastic new homeowners, the first thing they did was paint the rooms to add color to the house. That became our inspiration, as well as our challenge, in finding just the right look in rugs and fabrics that they each liked.  It was evident their style was more transitional with clean lines and rich colors, so some changes had to be made to the interior of the house also.  The first thing was the color of the hardwood floors which were re-stained in an espresso finish. The kitchen cabinets were replaced with a more modern style stained a bit darker than the floors and granite countertops replaced the dated look of the white tile. One of the biggest changes was the wall in the family room with the off-center fireplace.  We redesigned the wall by centering the fireplace and added niches on either side, faced with stone. This allowed the fireplace to become the focal point of the room. What a beautiful transformation!

Cherry Yount | Furnitureland South Designer \ Featured Project


Cherry Yount | Furnitureland South Designer \ Featured Project

The lines of the Michael Weiss sofa, along with the nailhead design, added a look of casual elegance to the room.  We chose really comfortable slipper chairs by Vanguard, which keep the room open and inviting.  Meanwhile, the hand-tufted Surya rug really anchored the furniture. Without much wall space, we didn’t have room to put up as much art as Poppi wanted, so I designed the window treatment with the idea of it being the “art” on that side of the room. By installing them just under the crown molding, the window treatments bring your eye up and around the room. I think the look accomplished exactly what we wanted.

Before Photo

Cherry Yount | Furnitureland South Designer \ Featured Project

We removed all of the plantation shutters from the windows to open up the rooms. In the living room, we dressed out the windows in beautiful draperies and used a more formal upholstered cornice with draperies in the dining room.  The color we pulled through the house was the “Mocha” from the living room. In doing this, I was able to use turquoise as the accent color in the living room, which worked beautifully with the deep yellow in the family room.

Living Room Before Photo



Living Room Before Photo

Living Room Project - Cherry Yount | Furnitureland South Designer \ Featured Project


Breakfast Nook Before Photo

Cherry Yount | Furnitureland South Designer \ Featured Project

The guest room had been painted a soft gray-blue.  In keeping with Poppi’s love of bold color and pattern, we selected Hampton Hill bedding in a black and white geometric, purchased ready-made draperies, and customized the accent color and trim.  The pop of red was just enough to make both her and Vik smile!

Guest Bedroom Before Photo

Guest bed Cherry

The master bedroom was one of the biggest challenges, as it had been painted two shades of plum.  I wanted to make this room sophisticated, serene and inviting.  The upholstered bed in dark mahogany, by Stanley, crisp white bed linens, custom draperies in a geometric pattern and the Orion rug pulled this room together perfectly!

Bedroom | Before Photo

Bedroom After Photo by Cherry Yount | Furnitureland South Designer \ Featured Project

detailsWhen “move in” day arrived, I sent Poppi and Vik off to work just as the Furnitureland South truck pulled up. Then came another truck with installers and all of the help I needed to completely transform their home from “empty” to “finished” in 8 hours.  At the end of the day, when they walked in the door and saw a completely furnished home, Poppi made all the work worthwhile . . . she said through tears, “I can’t believe this is my home and I get to live here.”

Cherry Yount | Furnitureland South Designer \ Featured Project

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