Put Your Money Where Your Mattress Is

Did you know that out of ALL the furniture you have in your home, your Mattress is the one that is used the most? It is also the only piece of furniture that will affect your health and quality of life. But all too often, mattresses are an afterthought and an area where people feel they can cut corners.


Before I got into this business, I felt the same way many of you do – ANY mattress will do!!┬áBut the more I have learned about mattresses, the more I realized that finding the right mattress for me was crucial to my overall health and energy level during the day. As we all age, our energy throughout the day is more and more important to our job performance, not only in our chosen profession, but also in our roles as father or mother, husband or wife.

I hear almost every day that mattresses are confusing – trust me I understand. That is why I am here! Furnitureland South’s Design Consultants are trained extensively on mattresses and we are here to serve you!!

If you aren’t sleeping soundly and you feel sluggish during the day, consider replacing your mattress. And come see us at Furnitureland South. We have the best selection of quality mattresses and the information you need to feel as good about your mattress buying decision as you do when you wake up after a great night’s sleep.

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  1. True words. My back problems went away almost immediately after getting a foam mattress. Not to say the spring ones were the cause of it, but they certainly weren’t helping. Good article!

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