Recipe for A Successful Trip to Furnitureland South

I may not be a master chef in the kitchen, but I can certainly follow a recipe.

I have recently come up with one for having a successful shopping trip to Furnitureland South.

Take 1 Educated Interior Designer

Add 2 Prepared Customers

My Lovely Customers and Their Home Floor Plans

Mix in 3 Huge Buildings of beautiful furniture, rugs, accessories, and lighting.

Furnitureland South Campus - Shop 1.3 million square feet of showroom space!


  1. Break in comfortable walking shoes.
  2. Send floor plans and photos of the rooms as well as links to your and to
  3.  Blend together for one or more days (depending on the scope of the project)
  4. Make educated decisions:

The fabrics we selected and layout of the space

    5. Voila- A beautiful home to enjoy for many years to come (I will post pictures of the final result since this recipe is still “in the oven”, stay tuned).

Inspiration Board for the Family Room with Furniture and Fabric ChoicesFabric and Furniture for the Living Room Jaime Berg Posing with Customers

I look forward to working with you on your next project!

Jaime Berg - Design Consultant at Furnitureland SouthJaime S. Berg | Furnitureland South Design Consultant
ph:  336-822-3000 ext 2771
fax: 336-822-3850 (direct)



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