Recline Discreetly

Sometimes we have a love/hate relationship with recliners.  We love the comfort and functionality of a recliner, but sometimes they can be an eyesore.  However, when you’re laid out, perfectly comfortable, enjoying your favorite TV show at the optimal position — who cares if it has more rolls than Santa Clause?  But we have good news! You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort — you can have both!

The term “form follows function” is especially true in regards to today’s weight activated recliners.  Form follows function was originally coined during the modernist movement in the 1920’s, and it’s still true today in regards to furniture.  Check out these sophisticated recliners, with a surprise reclining function!

Bradington Young

bradington young 2

bradington young 3

2303 bradington young

hancock and moore

So I’m asking — do looks really matter, when comfort is key?  The answer is yes, you can have both.  The solution to this problem is recliners that have the functionality we love, without all of the fussy stuffing.  Voila, a beautifully functional chair!  All of the chairs seen above can be customized to fit your style and color scheme.  Leather and fabric options are in no short supply when you’re dealing with Furnitureland South!

{Photos courtesy of Bradington Young and Hancock & Moore.}

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