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I am so fortunate to have such great clients with whom I have developed wonderful relationships. This is the third home that I have designed for this particular client in the past 10 years and I wanted to share some of my thoughts about their latest project.


We began with the floor plan, creating a space that allowed for family time as well as private time. The design for this new mountain lake house has many elements that must be taken into consideration. Beautiful fabrics and leathers that are kid- and pet-friendly are a must. This became our starting point.

Missy Caulk working with Fabrics

The amazing selection available at my fingertips at Furnitureland South made the task at hand fun and so easy! Since we had only two days to pull the bulk of the project together, my client and I were on a mission. We selected the case pieces first, then moved on to upholstery.

Missy Caulk with Client

As a Design Consultant at Furnitureland South, I frequently see new products introduced at the High Point Furniture Market. Many times, Furnitureland South will purchase entire showrooms, allowing those new introductions to hit our floor sooner than other furniture retailers. This became a useful asset in our next step.

Cotone Collection by Artitalia Group

We both fell in love with the new collection from Artitalia Group called Cotone. The finishes that Cotone uses are fabulous – the ceruse technique combined with the zinc top  {shown above} is just beautiful. These pieces are handcrafted in Italy with wonderful attention to detail and scale. We selected a custom, 66″ diameter dining room table with a 5″ border and a zinc center. It is going to be awesome!

Missy Caulk

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments about my latest project!

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  1. That table is FABULOUS! I absolutely love to see how you pull things together – it is always so gorgeous and inspiring!

  2. The table is gorgeous and practical at the same time! I love how you incorporate practicality into your lovely designs for a home….you did that with ours, as well. You have quite a talent and vision!

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