Retreat: My Creative Release

What comes to mind when you think of “relaxation?” I’m sure most people would respond to this question by answering resting, meditation, or even a nap. Unfortunately, I just don’t relax like most! For me, relaxing after a long day of design work is, well … doing more design work! But you know what? That’s ok! I am doing what I love and nothing makes me happier {except of course, my family, so if I can have them by my side … even better}! On most nights you can find me on the sofa watching Netflix, with a laptop, design magazines, sketch pad, craft supplies, and a Boston terrier all in my lap … ok maybe not all at once, but if I could I would!

For me, a true escape in the form of an interior space in my home would be a comfy, cozy studio space with all the function dually provided.


This space need not be an “office type” environment. Forget the typical executive chairs and expected L-shaped desk. I need a space where my creativity can flow. And it needs to be filled with beautiful, inspiring furniture. For a chair, I’m thinking a large, upholstered wingback chair in a fun fabric. I need to be able to sit back and relax at times and this chair will be perfect for my “not so typical studio space.” For my work space, I’m going to need to completely by-pass a desk. I have too many mediums going on and I need some space! I think the Sumner Table From Hooker Furniture’s Melange Collection will work perfectly. I’ll also need great lighting, accessories, and storage … and a great view is a must!

{"Hamlin" Wing Back by Sam Moore}

{"Sumner" Table From Hooker}


Since I’m so use to working via the living room sofa, I feel I should introduce a break out area in my dream studio space. This way I can work and “relax” with my legs up and my pup by my side on this gorgeous, modern Hooker Sofa, while catching some of my shows on the wall-mounted flat screen.

{Trilogy Sofa by Hooker}


Yes, I think this will work. Just the right amount of space, perfect little areas for different types of projects and crafts, and even enough space to have friends over for collaboration and coffee.

Here are all the special pieces I used in my getaway space …



I know this place might not sound like your dream escape, but it sure is mine! In my opinion, one of the keys to being happy in life is to find what inspires and excites you, and incorporate that activity or ritual into your daily routine. You might not get to do that “thing” as your 9-5 on an everyday basis, or maybe you’re like me and just can’t get enough.

What’s your dream “escape” space {or maybe it’s more like your inspiration space}?  A spa-inspired bathroom, a library, a workout area, a luxurious hotel-like bedroom, or maybe just a quiet nook? Treat yourself … you deserve it!

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