Rug Sizing and Placement

Now that you know what kind of rug you want for your space, it’s time to unroll it and let it brighten up your room. Question is, of course, where should you put it?

“A rug can really make or break a room,” Rug Gallery Assistant Manager Mary John Minter said. “Rugs are such an important design element of the room. Think of it this way — they are basically a third of the overall space.”

Mary John knows people get overwhelmed by rug anxiety.

“For many people, rugs can be a bit intimidating,” she said,”but they don’t have to be! We’re here to guide you through the process and make it fun.”

Mary John has some expert tips for putting the right rug in the right spot.

First off, a dining room.

“Dining rooms are a hard-and-fast rule,” Mary John said. “Chairs should always sit on the rug, even when pulled out. To accomplish this, add 24” to the length and width of the table to estimate the optimal rug size.”

Simple enough! Other rooms get more flexible.

“Living rooms are a bit more ambiguous,” Mary John said. “They’re more fluid. In the living room, ideally, your furniture should be touching the rug. Whether it’s just the front legs or all the legs, the rug should anchor the upholstery.”

In other words, don’t have your rug just floating out in space or sitting only under your coffee table. An area rug in a living room should provide grounding and gravity for the room.

Finally, don’t forget the bedroom.

“A large rug will up the cozy factor and define the room,” Mary John said. “Allow at least 24-30 inches” of the rug to extend from either side of the bed so that when you get out of bed, your feet touch the rug.”

Of course, bedrooms are typically large, so if you have a smaller rug, you can place it so that it sits under the bed below your nightstands. Two small rugs similarly placed on either side of a bed also works. If your bed is situated in a corner, consider placing a rug to the side of the bed or angling it towards the bottom of the bed. Twin beds placed parallel to each other often need a rug placed in between them.

With these tips, you can get over your rug-anxiety hump and make your home as beautiful as it should be.

There’s a lot to know about rugs, but Furnitureland South aims to make your search for gorgeous area rugs fun, informative and easy. Stick with us over the course of our Rug Event to learn more tips about rug typesproper care and rug trends.

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