Something To Rest Your Head On

Many things are changing in the way we customize and furnish our bedrooms. “What we rest our head on” has become a big topic in the health, wellness and serenity world as well as the furniture industry.

When is the last time you bought a new pillow or mattress?  Life should be comfortable and allow for at least 8 hours of bliss each night, don’t you think?


Serta I Series has come out with an amazing new mattress series and top of bed options:

The new iComfort® Directions™ gel memory foam mattresses have the latest advancement in sleep technology. This new technology allows for enhanced cooling comfort and individualized body support, no pressure here!


I was happy to learn these amazing mattresses can be ordered with the new Serta Motion Custom™ Adjustable Foundation, nine features include six massage levels with a timer and Bluetooth™ Connectivity for your smart phone and tablet devices– allowing you to control the base using your smart phone or tablet.

Where do you rest your head?  I hope on a new pillow!  Allergens and dust mites accumulate in pillows also.  These allergens can increase snoring, by changing your pillows you can sleep peacefully, reduce snoring and allergy attacks. I- Comfort found at Furnitureland South’s Sleepland offers cooling gel and memory foam to help you rest longer.

Jim Albright | Design Consultant at Furnitureland South
336.822.3000 ext. 2679

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