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What exactly is style?

{via Baker Furniture}
{via Baker Furniture}

By definition, it is a distinctive manner of expression (as in writing or speech), a distinctive manner or custom of behaving or conducting oneself, a particular mode of living, or a particular manner or technique by which something is done, created, or performed. Sounds a little complex doesn’t it? But when I asked several people what “style” meant to them, I heard some very simple (and interesting) answers …

To one, it meant “brand names and labels that reflect high fashion and current trends,” while another response was “something classic, appealing to the eye, graceful and elegant.” One just said “something that makes you feel good.”

The point is we each have our own perspective on style and we typically reflect it in how we present ourselves through our clothing, the cars we drive, our office/work space, and the biggest one – the place we call home.

Take a minute to reflect on your own style …

Regardless of whether you prefer classic, modern, or eclectic, it should make you feel good, confident, and secure in yourself. Your home should also be a reflection of this. A place that you look forward to going to at the end of  a long day, a place to unwind, relax, and recharge.

Finding your style is easier said than done, but most people just need a little help with the details, like knowing the current trends and determining what colors and patterns work together. You should enjoy the process of making your house into the home you want, and I can help you do that.

Don’t know your style?

Allow me to help you figure it out.

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