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The Phillips Collection Marble Dining Table
The Phillips Collection Marble Dining Table

One of the most sustainable practices around involves the incorporation of salvaged products into one’s design. Whether it’s reclaimed wood, old brick, tile, or the entire frame of a house– saving these materials from the landfill saves our environment from a lot of wasted energy and harmful toxins.

From the energy that goes into a chainsaw, to the gas it takes to manufacture and run heavy machinery, it takes a lot of energy to harvest wood for furniture manufacturers. As a result, when a company reduces their use of energy during the extraction process, it means they are burning less gas and oil and spewing less carbon into the atmosphere. They are making a decision for our environment and in return, for you and I.

This brings me to one of our vendors who have an amazing approach to sustainable furniture design. The Phillips Collection is the top accent furniture manufacturer in the industry, specializing in some of the most extraordinary pieces on the market. They have won the most awards for design excellence than any other company. They design modern, organic, and environmentally-conscience products, and accessories that work indoors and out. Every piece is a conversation.

Here is a list of just a few steps they take to sustainably manufacture some of their products.

  • All their wood is reclaimed and repurposed from managed forests
  • They travel deep into the woods where trees have naturally fallen, and they retrieve them using local elephants
  • They repurpose old galvanized drums left over from oil companies waste
  • Many of their wall tiles use repurposed natural grasses and woods
The Phillips Collection - Seat-belt Chairs

While it’s good to be sustainable, it’s also a plus when we design something beautiful from the result of all that work. The depth of texture, color and richness of salvaged materials are all elements imbued in Phillips Collection’s designs that are sure to add warmth and a sense of awe to your home.

If you are interested in incorporating sustainable pieces of furniture into your home, please come see me at Furnitureland South. We will design your home sustainably.

When visiting Furnitureland South, be sure to visit the Eco-Link to find more offerings in sustainable and environmentally conscious furniture!

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