“T.A. Studio” Attracts a New Audience

Theodore Alexander, a furniture manufacturer founded by Paul Maitland Smith, is dedicated to quality and excellence in its more than 4,000 innovative designs. It employs traditional craftsmanship and age-old techniques in its own facilities to ensure that Theodore Alexander furniture lasts a lifetime — and its newest collection, T.A. Studio, is no exception.

T.A. StudioT.A. Studio includes two lines, with two more lines to follow during October’s High Point Market. Studio One and Studio Two vary between diverse materials, including leather, faux komodo skin, brass, stainless steel and various wood finishes. It’s designed with a young, modern customer in mind.

These younger designs are the hottest thing in their showroom this market. It offers the same drama, experience and quality of their standard lines at a realistic price point for a sophisticated millennial consumer.

“This is an opportunity for us to bring a product to our retail customers that targets a different consumer than we have in the past,” Theodore Alexander President Neill Robinson said. He explained that the materials used in combination with each other create a “relaxed, big city, urban, cool vibe.”

T.A. Studio“There’s an immediate gratification mentality when it comes to retail,” Robinson said. “So we are stocking all of the T.A. Studio casegoods and upholstery, and it will be able to ship to retailers in 48 hours or less.” That is great news for furniture retailers.

During our chat with Robinson, he explained with the High Point Market is such a big deal for Theodore Alexander. “If we inspire our dealers, they can take what they’ve learned here, what they’ve seen here, and incorporate it into their own stores,” he said. “Furnitureland South is a great example of this. We have a 5,000 square foot gallery in Furnitureland South, and that space is the best of the best for Theodore Alexander.”

The products that this world-class company launches during the Spring HPMKT will be available in just a few short months in the world’s largest furniture store, Furnitureland South. To get an exclusive sneak peek at what’s coming to our store soon, check out our interview with Robinson.

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