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The Unique Beauty of Four Hands

Revisit a time when gatherings were spent around the table, not the TV; when sharing a meal meant catching up on the details of the day, whether they were extraordinary or not. Style your space in such a way that friends, family and everyone in between will want to dine in your home – style […]
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Decorate by Numbers

Here are a few numbers to follow when decorating your home. 60 The general height above the flo0r that a wall fixture should hang   (in inches) 36 The number of inches needed for a major traffic path  30  The number of inches above a dining table that a chandelier should hang to prevent bumped heads  26  The minimum number of  inches a dining room rug should […]
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Enlighten Your Nursery!

These days, the nursery tends to be one of the nicest rooms in the house. Comfy recliners, rockers and personalized murals create an amazing baby’s room. My favorite accessory in a nursery is the mobile. It adds such a beautiful touch and stimulates your baby’s senses. And there’s another home accent that is similar to […]
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