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Calling All Designers

Why shop locally, when you can shop at the World’s Largest— 1.3-million square foot —furniture showroom in the Furniture Capital of the World? Treat us like we are in your backyard and let us be your “local” resource for home furnishings. Prior to your visit, we can offer great concierge service as well as suggest […]
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Sunbrella | Bring The Outdoor Fabrics– IN!

How would you like to have indoor upholstery with the same benefits of outdoor fabric reliability? Imagine fabrics that are fade, moisture and stain resistant– easy to clean, yet with the softness and draping ability of indoor fabrics? You can have all of these features with “performance fabrics” from Sunbrella. More and more designers and […]
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Carefree Comfort, Anytime, Anywhere.

With today’s active lifestyle, your upholstery serves many purposes. Kids and parents alike watch TV, play video games, tweet and text, eat, drink, lounge, even sleep on the sofa or chair – add pets and friends, too! Along with this lifestyle comes the hazard of stains and soil. As a result, many upholstery manufacturers turned […]
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Mixing Prints + Patterns

You see it all the time – people who have mixed prints and patterns, either with their clothing or in their home. You’ve seen some do it well and others just look like a mess. So the big question is, how do you do it successfully without it becoming “too much”?  Here are a few tips to […]
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The Ultimate Challenge …

A few months ago my boss asked me if I would help he and his wife with their new house. WOW … what a compliment! And then I thought, WOW … what a challenge!! Joel and Lynn are a young, professional couple with a five year-old daughter. Joel is energetic and likes an edgy look […]
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5 Days to a New Home

My favorite perk as a designer at Furnitureland South is the opportunity to meet and assist such a diverse clientele. I work with people from all over the world, each with their own personal style, resulting in unique interiors.  Last month I had the privilege of working with a great couple from Amman, Jordan. Their new home is scheduled for completion […]
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A Quintet of Trends

The world’s largest furniture fashion show in High Point, NC displays every home furnishings concept from the “tried and true,” to the freshest and most innovative artistic expressions. For those of us who are curious about the design elements which make our home feel most inviting to us and which express our unique preferences and […]
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Let Patterns Do The Talking

Ahhh, I just love patterns! I love the color and excitement they bring to each space. Don’t you feel like a room is more inviting with patterns? So … why not use them? Lexington Home Brands offers beautiful patterns that will bring life into your space like on these Montaigne Armless chairs! … or make a […]
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Relationships & Design

I am so fortunate to have such great clients with whom I have developed wonderful relationships. This is the third home that I have designed for this particular client in the past 10 years and I wanted to share some of my thoughts about their latest project. We began with the floor plan, creating a […]
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Inside Out

In the past, sitting on outdoor furniture was not the most pleasant experience.  It was scratchy, wet, or both.  But things have come a long way!  The new outdoor fabrics are just as comfortable and luxurious as many indoor fabrics.  In fact, in some cases, we recommend those “outdoor” fabrics for indoor use.   The evolution […]
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