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Lexington Has the Style for YOUR Life!

Find your style with Lexington Home Brands! Discover beautiful collections by one of our most trusted brands. Enjoy a world class shopping experience at Furnitureland South in High Point, NC. Visit us to find extreme value and take advantage of in-store promotions for the best price on the furniture you love!
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Mixing Prints + Patterns

You see it all the time – people who have mixed prints and patterns, either with their clothing or in their home. You’ve seen some do it well and others just look like a mess. So the big question is, how do you do it successfully without it becoming “too much”?  Here are a few tips to […]
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Livable Living Rooms

Many people are so afraid of dirtying their living rooms that they don’t even use them. But you shouldn’t waste such valuable space because you want it to be perfect. A living room should be a space for living – not a shrine.  Why not try some of these tips to help create a living room […]
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What’s Love Got to do with It?

“What’s love got do with it,” is a question made famous by one of my favorite singers, Tina Turner.  She made this question famous with a hit song and movie.  Now I pose this question to you: What’s love got to do with it? When I was a small child, certain things were a given.  I was going to church no matter how much I complained […]
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When the stars align…

As a self-professed beauty product junkie, beauty products are my downfall. I don’t know that I will ever think I have enough of them.  I mean, what woman truly does? It looks like Chanel (the standard for chic fashion) and Lexington Home Brands were thinking the same thing entering into this fall. You could (should?) […]
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