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How to Pick a Pillow

The days are shorter and temperatures are getting colder.  More than likely you have been enjoying the daylight in the morning and have struggled with coming home from work in the dark in the evenings. Due to changes in weather and sunlight, many people find that it is difficult for them to sleep well during […]
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Welcome to Sleepland Linens

We’re so excited to be rolling out a new bed linen program here at Furnitureland South! We’ve always carried beautiful linens but we’re putting a bit of a new spin on them these days . . . so here’s deal: You can now shop for linens throughout our campus: All 500 of our beds have […]
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Fashion Bedding from Sleepland Linens

I think we would all be lying if we said we didn’t spend as much, if not more time and money dressing ourselves, than most anything else. So, why not put the same care into your bed linens?  The linens you choose determine the look and feel of the bed you see and sleep on […]
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Healthy Sleep, Thanks to Sheep

As if sheep were not lovable enough. . . I could not be more excited about the newest addition to our linen line-up at Furnitureland South! Are you toasty at night while your partner is freezing? Do you have trouble sleeping? Or do you struggle with allergies? If you answered yes to any of these […]
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Lavish Linens

The Luxury Linens Gallery at Furnitureland South features over 30 different linen manufacturers. If you’re looking to switch up your bedroom but still love your furniture, try new bedding! You can make a dramatic difference just by getting new linens. It’s like getting a new dress…for your bed! Bedding is where you add personality to […]
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Keep it Simple. Keep it Organized. Keep it Yours.

The bedroom is the single room in your home that is completely yours. It’s the place you go to relax, unwind and shed the stressful weight of the day. Are you having trouble making the bedroom yours because of its size? A small bedroom can easily become cluttered and crowded, making the ambiance far from […]
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Charmeuse and Velvet

Here at Furnitureland South, Ann Gish is a favorite linen vendor because of its amazing textural fabrics. The charmeuse sheets are a little piece of heaven, and when paired with a velvet coverlet . . . wow. You’ll be hard pressed to find a bed that’s more posh and romantic. Ann Gish offers so many options and combinations, but here are a few of our […]
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Is your bachelor pad chick friendly?

Graduate, check. Find a job, check. Find an apartment, check. Now you seem to be living the life, but how do you turn this apartment into a “chick” friendly bachelor pad? Yes you may know how to make your bed and hopefully how to put clothes away and do laundry, but is that really enough? […]
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Between the sheets….

Now that I have your attention, let’s have some pillow talk about linens! Most of us are familiar with THREAD COUNT — how many threads per inch in bed linens — but are you familiar with LOOSE COUNT? I thought not. LOOSE COUNT is the quality and finish of the cotton and most of all… […]
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Today’s Quick Design Tip: Beautiful Bedrooms

A charming balance can be achieved in your bedroom by contrasting elements: like the delicate curves of the bed and nightstand and the straightest of stripes in the linens.    Send article as PDF   
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