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Sunbrella | Bring The Outdoor Fabrics– IN!

How would you like to have indoor upholstery with the same benefits of outdoor fabric reliability? Imagine fabrics that are fade, moisture and stain resistant– easy to clean, yet with the softness and draping ability of indoor fabrics? You can have all of these features with “performance fabrics” from Sunbrella. More and more designers and […]
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Goodbye Winter!

With another snowy week in the forecast, I can’t help but to daydream about sunnier days.  Here at Furnitureland South we have so many wonderful options for outdoor product to be used on those sunny days.  I have selected product pictures from Braxton Culler, Whitecraft and Telescope Casual, each of these vendors will have finish options, […]
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Countdown to Summer!

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for Summer! I’m looking forward to cool drinks on the porch (with a book in hand), lounging by the pool (basking in the sun), cook-outs with family out on the patio, hanging by the fire pit with friends on chilly evenings, and lying outside looking at the […]
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Fall Enchantment – Dress Your Outdoor Space For Fall!

With the changing of seasons comes a certain harmony of scents, tastes, and colors. My client, Jan Dean of Chapel Hill, NC wanted her outdoor living space to appeal to these exciting senses and really utilize her absolute favorite area of the home.
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It’s summertime, and the living is easy

Are you making the most of your patio/yard as an extension of your living space and an ideal spot for entertaining?  I have a client who has purchased quite a lot of outdoor furniture from me, and was kind enough to share the results of her own outdoor oasis. I love the how the turquoise […]
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Gloster Outdoor: On Cloud 9?

I marvel at the innovations continually made in the quality and style of outdoor furniture these days!  It seems like only a few years ago the only choice we had to put on the patio or lawn was either old fashioned rocking chairs, Adirondack chairs, or white wicker.  Oh and don’t forget the classic red picnic table for meals! And we didn’t even […]
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The Spirit of Summer

Whimsical. By definition, it means “unusual in a playful or amusing way.” How does this relate to design? Design doesn’t have to be serious; there are no rules. I don’t know about you, but summers take me back to my childhood. Fireflies illuminated those summer nights, the season when it is natural to be outside in the elements. To […]
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Father-Daughter Memories

As we take this month to celebrate kids at Furnitureland South, we should also remember all our fathers and how much they mean to us. Some of my favorite memories with my dad are of being outside sitting by a fire, relaxing by the pool, and most of all … GRILLING! All these activities may […]
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Creating a Daydream World in Your Own Backyard

Do you ever have one of those afternoons where the hours drift by slowly, and even though there are a million little things that you could be doing, you just cannot make yourself budge to get up and do them? Yeah, we’ve all been there! When summer comes around, vacation plans begin to creep into our minds, and it […]
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Inside Out

In the past, sitting on outdoor furniture was not the most pleasant experience.  It was scratchy, wet, or both.  But things have come a long way!  The new outdoor fabrics are just as comfortable and luxurious as many indoor fabrics.  In fact, in some cases, we recommend those “outdoor” fabrics for indoor use.   The evolution […]
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