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Football’s Back! Recliners You’ll Sit in All Season Long

To truly enjoy football season there are a few things you need: a great TV, delicious snacks, and the PERFECT recliner. At Furnitureland, we guarantee you’ll find one you want to take home with you. Our design consultants will help you Goldilocks your way through “too hard” and “too soft” until you find one that’s […]
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My Worst Client EVER!

I like to think I can work well with almost anyone (at least that’s what I’ve been told) but let me tell you about the biggest challenge I’ve had in years…ME. Yes, I was a real handful. What would have been an easy afternoon project for a client like you, turned into a BIG DEAL […]
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Recline Discreetly

Sometimes we have a love/hate relationship with recliners.  We love the comfort and functionality of a recliner, but sometimes they can be an eye sore.  However, when you’re laid out, perfectly comfortable, enjoying your favorite TV show at the optimal position– who cares if it has more rolls than Santa Clause?  But we have good news! You don’t have to […]
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Who’s your daddy?

I’ll admit that when I think of Father’s Day gifts, one of the last things that comes to mind is home furnishings. But why shouldn’t our dads have stylish spaces that reflect their personalities? After all, if your dad is anything like mine, he has quite the wardrobe (I’ve been told that my dad once […]
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Switching to “Time Out”

When I was a little girl, if I chose to step outside the “good girl box,” there was no pretty little chair facing the corner where I could sit and reflect on changing my ways.  Oh no, immediately, I was confronted by a fresh “switch” that had been newly stripped of its leaves. My how […]
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Come recline with us at Furnitureland South’s Outlet Center!

Our Outlet Center Sales Team does a silent movie parody to demonstrate the many varieties of reclining home furnishings that are available in Furnitureland South's 300,000+ square foot Outlet Center.
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