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Calling All Designers

Why shop locally, when you can shop at the World’s Largest— 1.3-million square foot —furniture showroom in the Furniture Capital of the World? Treat us like we are in your backyard and let us be your “local” resource for home furnishings. Prior to your visit, we can offer great concierge service as well as suggest […]
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Decorate by Numbers

Here are a few numbers to follow when decorating your home. 60 The general height above the flo0r that a wall fixture should hang   (in inches) 36 The number of inches needed for a major traffic path  30  The number of inches above a dining table that a chandelier should hang to prevent bumped heads  26  The minimum number of  inches a dining room rug should […]
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Let’s eat! Four great tips for your dining room

When the day comes to create your perfect home, will you have the information you need to create that special space?  At Furnitureland South our Design Consultants can help with that process and make it the most enjoyable experience. We have all the resources you need to design one room or an entire building. The […]
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Does shopping for furniture feel more like work?

Here are some easy steps to make it more simple and a lot more FUN! We should start with your floor plans or a sketch of your room. This will help us make certain that the items we select will work well in your space. Next, it is helpful for you to bring pictures of […]
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Sprucing up your living room on a tight budget

If you are like me you’re ready for a new look in your home after a year or two, maybe even after a month. But who has money to buy all new stuff for a room every year? I know I certainly don’t! Here are a few easy and cost-effective ways to spruce up your living […]
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Dual Function Furniture

Is wasting things one of your biggest pet peeves like it is mine? We don’t like to waste time, so we multi-task; we don’t like to waste money, so we cut coupons; and we don’t like to waste space in our homes. I know that I want to utilize every square foot of my home to its maximum […]
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Space Planning 101

Space planning is one of the most important aspects of interior design. It can have a strong impact on the success of a room. When you come up with an idea to change things, like I do every so often, you should make sure the changes you make will not only look good, but will […]
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Dining Dilemmas

When designing your Dining Room, there are so many questions to answer. How many people can sit comfortably at what size table? What type of lighting should I use?  Never fear! I am here to help. Dilemma #1: How many people can sit at my table? Did you know a 6’ diameter round table seats […]
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The Dog Days of Summer

Being from South Louisiana, I know the value of a soothing outdoor retreat.  When I am asked to design an outdoor space, I always remember the influences of growing up in the South and the time I spent on my grandmother’s screened porch. I remember the summer breeze coming through the screens and the relaxing […]
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How do you design around an empty space?

I meet people everyday that have either an empty basement or moving into a new home of any size and need to start from scratch. Most people that I come across think this is the easiest route to go because you get to start with a blank canvas…but I disagree. What are your favorite colors […]
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