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Lexington Has the Style for YOUR Life!

Find your style with Lexington Home Brands! Discover beautiful collections by one of our most trusted brands. Enjoy a world class shopping experience at Furnitureland South in High Point, NC. Visit us to find extreme value and take advantage of in-store promotions for the best price on the furniture you love!
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The Unique Beauty of Four Hands

Revisit a time when gatherings were spent around the table, not the TV; when sharing a meal meant catching up on the details of the day, whether they were extraordinary or not. Style your space in such a way that friends, family and everyone in between will want to dine in your home – style […]
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How do you know?

How do you KNOW when the cocktail table is a good match for the bookcase? Or if the chair legs are compatible with the table legs? We envision living in spaces which reflect every nuance of our personality and style, but with the plethora of choices, how do we decide which pieces look best together? […]
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Style …

What exactly is style? By definition, it is a distinctive manner of expression (as in writing or speech), a distinctive manner or custom of behaving or conducting oneself, a particular mode of living, or a particular manner or technique by which something is done, created, or performed. Sounds a little complex doesn’t it? But when I […]
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Keeping it Casual

It’s time to embrace the casual and celebrate the comfort and style your dining room brings to the household.  An ideal dining space is not constrained to any size, style or even purpose. When making a room your own, the sky is the limit! Not all styles or spaces call for a large dining space, […]
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We’ve brought even Moore style & selection to Furnitureland South!

Come see our newest line in the leather gallery – Hancock & Moore! I was so excited when I found out we were adding Hancock & Moore to our leather gallery. In the past, I have had many customers ask for it by name. Now, I can take them right to our gorgeous new showroom! […]
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So your style is transitional…?

According to Wiki-pedia, transitional means, “updated classic,” “classic with a contemporary twist,” or “new takes on old classics.”  No matter how you definine it,  you’re in luck because transitional is a nice mix between contemporary and traditional. The photo below demonstrates this concept with a skirted sofa (typically considered traditional) paired with more contemporary fabrics and clean lines on the chairs. […]
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Choosing fabrics? Just let loose…

Selecting fabric for that perfect chair, sofa, or sectional can be overwhelming. Sometimes it is hard to just let loose with design and color, but I believe if you have help from a qualified design consultant, it can be easy and even fun!
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It’s All In The Details

As I was walking through our showroom, this chair from Pearson caught  my eye.  It is a simple style in a basic, solid, neutral fabric.  However, what makes it stand out is the decorative treatment at the skirt.  That one little detail really jazzes up this chair and makes it “pop”.  I love small design […]
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My Style Is Not Your Style

Design is not simply limited to furniture selection; the confluence of the combined elements is the main focus. When I approach a new design, my clients are the most important factor. They indicate their tastes and favorites and they decide on the final picture. I will admit that I almost never design anything while not […]
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