The “Baby Fabulous” Home

Keep your house beautiful with the new addition to the family.

Anichini Bambini's enchanting Gioia collection of bath linens for baby.

My husband and I have always been career-oriented professionals who have strived to create an immaculately decorated home.  But in the summer of 2010 our life was spun around 180 degrees by our decision, “Let’s have a baby”! Well our Little Miracle became reality pretty quickly, putting our plans into high gear.

Our joy was compounded by what can only be described as a monumental outpouring of love from family and friends. The culmination was a baby shower of epic proportions from my wonderful colleagues at Furnitureland South.  Soon gifts, diapers, toys and baby gear had turned our living room into something resembling a miniature “Babies R Us”!

Like many new moms I was then faced with the dilemma of how to keep our home fashionable, yet allowing for the care and nurturing of our little bundle of joy. I asked myself, “How can we live comfortably with the new baby without sacrificing our sense of style–or crippling his college fund?” Now that our son has turned one, I will share with you the knowledge I gleaned in my quest for “The Baby Fabulous Home”:

Antique Distressing and Weathered Looks: The furniture that is already antiqued looks even better with use, acquiring the “patina of time”, which will be treasured by future generations. Incidentally, this style is very much “in” right now and you will be spoiled for choices! Many manufacturers offer “distressing” as an option on their finishes and a lot of others offer it as a standard choice.

Curations Dining Room
Distressed Dining Room by Curations Limited

Practical Fabrics: Ultrasuede and other microfibers are super easy to clean and care for and come in myriad of colors! And have you seen the new generation of Sunbrella fabrics? These fabrics were formerly used for outdoors only, but they have come a long way and now offer a great hand and gorgeous designs.

Century Ultrasuede
A chic way to use easily cleanable Ultrasuede fabric by Century Furniture
Sunbrella Fabrics
Sunbrella fabrics, not just for the outdoors!
Sunbrellla MEG_0085
A living room set, all done in Sunbrella!

Dressy Fabrics, used sparingly: I am a dressy kind of girl who loves silks. Gorgeous, yes, but not very baby-friendly. But using it on some throw pillows or drapes offers a touch of glam while not having all of your furniture off-limits for everyday use.

Anichini Celestine
I love these elegant fabrics from Anichini! They make amazing custom linens and window treatments!
Anichini group2
More from Anichini

Leather: The most practical and durable of the coverings, leather makes clean-up a cinch. Try to select “protected” leather, which  will make your life even easier, but if you love the supple and breathable “natural” leather, make sure you get our 5-year Leather Protection Plan by Guardsman.

Curations Leather Chairs
Leather chairs from Curations Limited

Guardsman Protection: As mentioned above, Furnitureland South offers Guardsman Protection Plans.  These are available not only in leather, but on fabric, wood, rugs and outdoor furniture.  For a small price, you will have great peace of mind!  Please ask me about details.

Curations Best Selling Sofa in Brown Linen
Curations' best selling sofa, along with some friends!!

Good Storage: Wall units with doors are your best friends, as they keep clutter at bay (do not forget safety latches!) Some of these units have open shelving at the top, so you can still display your treasures, while keeping them out of reach of little hands.

Hooker Furniture Melange Collection
Gorgeous Melange Collection from Hooker Furniture

Baby Gear: There will always be some play yards, swings etc. that ‘”spill out”  from the nursery into the rest of the house.  Coordinate with your decor the best you can, and rearrange furniture temporarily to make the best fit. Most importantly, relax and smile! Even if your home is now not exactly it has once been, your Little Angel makes it worthwhile and more!

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