The Furnitureland South Garage Sale = Fabulous Deals

Working at Furnitureland South, one can become a little blinded to all of the fabulous furniture that we walk through everyday.  Since I’ve been talking about the Garage Sale so much lately, I decided that I would take a walk over there myself so I could tell you what kind of deals we truly have.

Let me say, there are some really beautiful pieces available at the Garage Sale for some incredible prices.  I was surprised by some of them myself.  Take a look.

Garage Sale 002_SD

This leather swivel lounge chair from Huntington House Furniture features a beautiful scalloped back and nail head trim.  Retail price: $3,872. Garage Sale price: $1,299. Discount: 66%.

Garage Sale 003_SD

A beautiful apothecary chest from Stanley Furniture.  Retail price: $1,484. Garage Sale price: $589. Discount: 61%.

Garage Sale 004_SD

What an adorable pair of armless chairs! Black velvet with fuschia trim and a rolled back, these chairs are from Robin Bruce. Retail price: $2,430. Garage Sale price: $810 (for the pair!!). Discount: 66%.

Garage Sale 006_SD

Cute, clean dining table perfect for a small kitchen or dining nook.  You’re really not going to believe this.  Retail price: $1,469. Garage Sale price: $200. Seriously. Discount: 87%.

Garage Sale 007_SD

I love this black, rubbed finish cocktail table.  It has beautiful turned legs and stamped metal inlays on the top.  A gorgeous compliment to any room.  Retail price: $797 (pretty good already). Garage Sale price: $398. Discount: 51%. May I have 2 please?

Last, but not least.

Garage Sale 008_SD

I am in mirror lust. This gorgeous mirror would be a funky, elegant addition to any room. Retail price: $717. Garage Sale price: $239. Discount: 66%. I might have to go get this one for myself.

Please keep in mind that these items are just examples of the great values we have at the Garage Sale in our Outlet Center.  They may not be around tomorrow, so make sure you hurry!

Happy Shopping.

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