The High Point Market: An Insider’s View

Do you wonder about all the fuss surrounding the High Point Market? What exactly is it? And how does it affect you as a Furnitureland South shopper? Here’s a sneak peak into the the world’s largest furniture show, how it determines what you, the consumer, will see on retail floors, and what it means for your buying experience ~ just for you!

You can bring home fabulous deals from the fashion week of furniture all month long. At Furnitureland South’s Market Sample Sale, we’re bringing the High Point Furniture Market straight to you from our 300,000 square foot Outlet Center! We’ve leveraged our tremendous buying power and long-standing relationships with manufacturers to buy countless showrooms of Market Samples at incredible discounts … and now we’re passing them on to you! Shop Furnitureland South during the month of December to receive these fabulous discounts that you won’t see anywhere else.

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